Capabilities and Services


Soft Imaging designs and develops innovative technologies and solutions for digital imaging problems and applications. We conduct both sponsored and commercial R&D work. Our government-sponsored research projects are carried out in collaboration with leading researchers from around the country. The resulting technologies are available for general commercialization. We also perform custom development work under commercial contracts. Our technology has been successfully applied to solve many complex problems in science and engineering, especially in the field of biomedical imaging. Prior applications include metaphase finding, chromosome karyotyping, pap smear analysis, muscle biopsy analysis, quantitative FISH and multispectral FISH image analysis, radiation-induced chromosome breakage detection, cell image analysis for leukemia detection and monitoring, and automated urinalysis.

Our scientists and engineers are experts in digital image processing and pattern recognition, along with decades of experience developing and delivering highly-effective technology for most challenging needs in digital imaging applications. We offer a wide range of services, from consulting to deal with small technical hurdles, to full-scale custom design and development. The solutions provided are always practical and optimized for our clients' specific requirements.

Industries served include:

· Biomedical Instrument Manufacturers
· Medical Imaging Industry
· High-Tech Manufacturers
· Energy Industry Companies
· Digital Video and Still Photography Industry
· Internet Content Providers
· Space Research Institutes
· Satellite Imaging Industry
· Robotics and Computer Vision Industries


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